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Nestled along the mouth of the Detroit River Amherstburg, Ontario is one of the oldest communities in the Windsor Essex County as well as the country itself. A history that the town continues to celebrate to this day.

The town was originally established in 1796 as a British military outpost overlooking the great rivers mouth as it merged with Lake Erie. Following the loss of the revolutionary war, the crown awarded land to loyalists displaced from the conflict and the town began to develop around Fort Malden which remained as a strategic base for British and soon to be Canadians. The settlers of the time constructed many of the homes and buildings in the French style of the century before giving the town a historic character unique to the region. Many of these buildings remain in fine condition to this day with the small town of 20,000 containing over 40 heritage designated sites. This dedication to the town’s long history gives the community a quaint and homey feeling. Several of these sites are accessible to the public with many others available for outer viewing.

To go with these historical sites, the town continues to maintain several tourist attractions including Fort Malden and the Amherstburg Freedom Museum which explores the history of African-American refugees in South Western Ontario. Amherstburg acted as a landing point for refugees on the underground railroad leading up to the American Civil War, many of which made her home in the area. The list goes on with the Park House Museum and Kings Navy Yard Park in the heart of old Amherstburg as well as the Gibson Gallery located in the former Michigan central railroad station which has been fully restored and now exhibits visual art works from local creators as well as pieces from the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Windsor and travelling exhibitions. And for the brave of heart, you could go ghost hunting on a drive out to Texas Road known for its paranormal sightings and lore. Amherst Berg is truly a city that celebrates all the intricacies and stories that go along with being one of the countries oldest communities.

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Houses For Sale in Amherstburg

Nature lovers will delight in the Holiday Beach Conservation Area which is considered to be one of North America’s best viewing sites for migratory birds in the autumn. The 500+ acre nature reserve contains beaches, picnic areas and trails along the edge of Big Creek Marsh. On top of that the town boast over a dozen beautifully manicured gardens like the aforementioned Kings Navy Yard Park which is a dedicated international peace garden. Other gardens throughout the town exhibit horticultural expertise giving residents a plethora of plant life to enjoy. The town even features its own island; locals often take quick boat trips to Bob low Island to enjoy unique bird species and interesting fauna or perhaps a bite to eat at the island restaurant.

The town also acts as a gateway to some of the regions best wineries and farmlands so there are ample opportunities to bring something delicious back home. Take a walk through the downtown area where homes are intertwined with many of the businesses and independently owned restaurants as well as the historical sites and gardens. Visit the farmers market every Tuesday for fresh locally produced foods. In Amherstburg there’s never a shortage of recreational opportunities with events and festivals happening throughout the year like the River Lights Winter Festival, Arts By The River and the annual car show that residents throughout the region have come to see as staples of the Windsor Essex experience. And on top of that, the town offers a wide range of sports leagues and activities for young and old alike.

Amherstburg Homes For sale

Are you looking for a relaxed and safe community to settle down in while still keeping quick access to bigger city life? With it’s endless historic charm and vibrant community, Amherstburg, Ontario might just be the place for you.

Amherstburg Houses For Sale

In terms of development the town sees regular restoration of residential homes that are updating their amenities while keeping the historic feeling charm of the area. The housing market is extremely affordable in comparison to many times its size with older homes ready for renovation and newly built dwellings too. Amherstburg has also been named Canada’s safest city, making it an ideal location for retirees and younger families. And the recent announcement of construction of a new high school is a boon for the town. With just a 25 minute commute to Windsor or the international border crossing to Detroit, Amherstburg is just close enough to the action while remaining a safe and quiet community.