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Essex County Real Estate

Essex Ontario, which is known as the hub of the Essex County, is a community of 20,000 that straddles the northern shore of Lake Erie. Essex is bordered by Tecumseh and Lakeshore to the north, Amherstberg to the west and Kingsville to the east. The town has a long history dating back to the early days of growth in Canada in the late 1800s. Essex, as it is a known today, was formed in 1999 with the amalgamation of the townships of Harrow and Colchester with Essex itself. The town consists of several distinct communities all with their own history, unique stories, rural landscapes and lakefront vistas.

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Essex is very much known as being a quiet and safe community, notably one of the safest communities in the country, and a great place to raise children. Essex offers its citizens a relaxed environment and open space while keeping a centralized location that makes the rest of the county quickly accessible. Not a fan of city centre living? Many neighbourhoods throughout the town feel remote while still being a short commute from work and entertainment options in Windsor or Detroit. The central location in the county also makes for good business opportunities for owners who are looking to service the entirety of the region, or development of facilities for national or international markets.

If you’re looking for open green spaces, privacy, accessibility and a safe community for starting a family, consider the town of Essex.

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A little bit about Tecumseh’s History.


Local historians and the curious will enjoy the various community’s museums in heritage sites. Visit the Canadian Transportation Museum to see one of the largest vehicle museums in Ontario with over a dozen buildings of local significance dating back to the late 1800s. See the largest engine museum in Ontario and for turn of the century technology that allowed the original settlers of the area to create the Essex of today. Architecture fans won’t want to miss a walk-through of the Essex Railway Station, built in 1887 and restored to its original condition and remaining as a meeting space available to community members. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Essex is a town that proudly celebrates its heritage and offers learning opportunities for you and old alike.

Schools, Community, and Entertainment in Tecumseh, Ontario.

Like much of the county, Essex shares in warmer temperatures than most regions throughout the country, but actually sits below the 42nd parallel and lies further south than the northern border of California. This unique geographic location makes the town a prime agricultural area and specifically one of the best grape growing regions in Canada. Wine and food lovers will delight in the local options throughout the year at various area wineries. Whether it’s Oxley Estate. Coopers Hawk, Sprucewood Shores or Muscedere Vineyards, residents are not hard-pressed to find a great choice of libations as well as top-notch dining opportunities.

For nature enthusiasts, the town of Essex offers a plethora of parks and open spaces for recreation and sports. The town’s location along the northern shore of Lake Erie creates quick access for a ferry ride to Pelee Island as well as water activities for both boaters and swimmers alike. With several housing options along the shoreline, resident of the Colechester community both some of the best walking views in the county if not the province. And runners and bikers will be pleased with the number of trails available that connect to the various communities of the town. The town also boasts an aquatic centre and to hockey arenas for practice and play as well as pavilions and gathering spaces for family events.

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