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Why Leamington is a Great Place to Live!

Nested along the northern shore of Lake Erie, Leamington, Ontario is the second largest municipality in Windsor Essex County and the largest town on the shore of the lake itself in all of Ontario. The town sits directly on the 42nd parallel alongside famed cities like Boston and Rome. Leamington is the country’s most southern point, has the second mildest winters and is home to long lingering summers and beautiful sunsets.

And at the doorstep of the town, one of Canada’s crown jewels in Point Pelee National Park. Arguably one of the most gorgeous national parks in the country, Point Pelee is truly a sight to be seen. The was even featured on BBC’s Planet Earth series which notes the area’s vital importance to the environment. The massive swath of land is an oasis for a diverse range of rare plants, animals and insects that find no other home in the nation. Point Pelee acts as a major stopping point for the monarch butterfly migration as well as many species of birds all flying south for the winter. The late summer months see literally tens of thousands of Monarchs fluttering through the area. Walking and cycling pads weave through the park and allow unprecedented access for bird and butterfly lovers who flock to the region from all corners of the continent to enjoy this vital and unique space and to see large congregations of natural beauty. Famed zoologist and environmental advocate, David Suzuki, spent many of his formative years living in Leamington and cites the areas natural wonders as a major influence throughout his career. “When I was a boy after the war, I was extremely shy because I was a Japanese-Canadian and Canada had just fought a war with Japan. My family moved to Leamington in southern Ontario and in my loneliness, I always found comfort fishing for perch on the public dock in Lake Erie, biking to Point Pelee (which was yet to become a national park) and using a dipnet to search for treasures in roadside ditches.” -David Suzuki

But it’s not just the National Park… The area is home to some of the richest soils and best growing conditions in all of Canada. With a plethora of farms and gardens throughout the area and vegetable and fruit stands peppered along roadsides the area offers fresh living at its absolute best, and plays a major role in the town’s long history of agricultural exporting.

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Houses For Sale in Leamington

Boat lovers and fans of water recreation have the region’s premiere access to Lake Erie. Whether it’s an after dinner sail for sunset or heading back to Point Pelee to kayak or paddle boat through weaving ravines, Leamington offers a lakeside living experience all its own. And on top of all this the town also has the region’s easiest route to Pelee Island for quick afternoon getaways or week-long camping and cottage trips.

With all of these spectacular natural options at your fingertips, you’d think that you were living in the ‘Great White North’ of Canada, while in reality you are just a 45 minute drive away from the Windsor-Detroit border crossing and just one days drive to some of the continents largest cities and over a third of its population. The town thriving agricultural industry it’s not just limited to its many farms that the community is also home to the largest number of green houses in Canada producing a range of fruits vegetables and flowers. This industry draws many migrant workers to the area and the community embraces these new additions creating a culturally rich mosaic of ethnic backgrounds that seamlessly blend with the towns rural roots. Area residents are affable and welcoming, much due to the towns relaxed pace of life and beautiful vistas that put the mind at ease.

Homes For Sale in Leamington

On top of all this Leamington Ontario is known as one of Canada’s healthiest communities with and extremely safe atmosphere that is appealing to younger families and retirees alike. Community Members have access to their own hospital and a variety of healthcare options as well as schools, clubs, organizations as well as professional services that enrich the daily experience. From an investment standpoint the area as a thriving commercial and manufacturing with parcels of land available for future growth and development.

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Looking at making a move? With its beautiful scenery and natural delights along with its relaxed pace of the living, Leamington could just be the community for you.